Choosing A Good Action Camera For Scuba Diving


One of the things that I love the most in this world is the water, especially so when it comes to the waves and fantastic smell of the salty oceans. Even better than the water itself is having some good old fun on the water or even under the water.

Some of my favorite activities include surfing, snorkeling, and best of all is scuba diving. I don’t only want to do these activities; I also want to capture them on video so I can watch it later and potentially even learn from my mistakes.

That is why I decided to get myself a great action camera and to do that I first consulted the great reviews at This review went a long way in helping me choose and adequate camera for my life of water sports. An action camera, especially one that is always near water, needs to have some great features so let’s talk about the 3 features that I value the most.

Light Compensation

Unlike a camera that takes pictures, an action camera that takes videos doesn’t have a flash for low light conditions and therefore it needs to be able to compensate for different light conditions. A good action camera will be able to tell by itself if the video has too much light or if there is too little light.

This is important when surfing or scuba diving because when surfing there is often glare and bright sunlight reflecting off of the water and on the other hand if I am scuba diving then it is often dark because light doesn’t penetrate under water too well. Therefore having a camera that can compensate for different light conditions is crucial to getting a good scuba diving or surfing video.

Water Proof

The next really important feature that I was looking for in my search for an action camera was that it had to be able to stand up to water, especially deep water. Surfing means falling in the water and scuba diving means being deep under water. Therefore an action camera suitable for me needs to be completely waterproof even when completely submersed and it also needs to be able to stand up to the pressure of being under the water.

If I don’t have a waterproof and pressure treated action camera then whatever I am doing will not be adequately captured. A water damaged or foggy lens will ruin all good videos, not to mention a broken camera from being too deep under the water will be completely useless.

Image and Audio Quality

Another really important part of having a good action camera for my surfing and scuba diving hobbies is that it has to have good audio and good picture quality. The picture needs to be HD, it needs to be clear, the colors need to be sharp, and the camera must be able to capture many frames per second; if it fails in any of these aspects then my surfing video just won’t look any good.

Almost as important is the audio quality because water can be loud, especially when there are big waves, but the camera needs to be able to pick up small individual sounds, something that is vital for being able to hear voices over the crashing of waves.

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