How To Design The Perfect Graduation Invitation Card


Having a print shop design your invitations for something like a graduation is fine and all, but that’s just it, it’s fine, not great. Designing your own graduation invitations is really special because you get to put your own graduation ideas into it. Even better than that, you get to make the invitation look exactly the way you want it to look.

The thing is that items such as graduation invitations are easily imagined, but once it comes to actually designing and creating them, things can get a little harder. That’s why we are here to discuss a few different tips that you can follow to incorporate all of your school experiences and graduation ideas into one solid invitation to make it stand out and ensure that everyone is going to show up to your big day.

Here are some things that you can do to make a great impression and make your invite as good as can be.

Reflect Your Personality

One of the most important things that you can do, not only on a grad invitation, but throughout your whole life, is to never hide who you are. Not matter what you are doing always be sure that your actions and creations reflect who you are.

If you like bright colors and are a cheerful person then make them pink, or if you love heavy metal then maybe make the invites in the shape of a guitar. If you love sports then you could always make them in the shape of a football. You get the idea right? Just make them in a way so people will be able to tell who they are from without even having to read the name.

Make A Statement: Go Big

This holds true for a number of different reasons. First of all, to state the obvious, you literally want to make a statement telling people who you are, that you are graduation, and that they need to show up; after all that’s what the invite is for. It’s also more than that though because you need to make the invitation stand out to everybody so don’t be afraid to use some bright bold colors, some interesting graphics, or even to make a little joke.

If you feel like it you could even use oversized novelty invited just like those checks that people get on TV. You need to make a statement on your grad invite and that statement is you! Go big, go hard, or go home.

Use A Good Picture

The fact of the matter is that pictures make a big difference because simply put, people just don’t like to read and research shows that people are more likely to throw out mail without reading it if there are no pictures.

You can change this by adding a good picture of yourself, preferably one where you have a big smile on your face, are with a group of people, and are wearing some nice clothes. That picture will attract the invitation of anyone who picks up your invite and they will be sure to read the rest of it, not to mention be interested and excited for your graduation day.

Don’t Use Too Much Writing

AS we already said, people don’t really like to read. People are more interested in graphics, colors, and pictures, so that is what you should give them. Only write the necessary facts such as that it’s your grad day, where it’s going to be, and what time it’s going to be.

Don’t include any unnecessary info that doesn’t need to be there, at least not too much. You can write a couple sentences but don’t be throwing a whole essay at people!

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