Introduction to Photoshop Overlays


Photoshop is really a fantastic tool that any and all photographers should be using. It can be used to do so many different things, all of which have the ability to improve your pictures and make them look just that much better.

Photoshop can do things like get rid of red-eye, crop pout unwanted parts the picture, change the dimension of the photograph, and much more. One of the best parts about Photoshop is that you can use the custom overlays to change and enhance the look and overall color of the picture.

These Photoshop overlays can be bought from various different vendors online so let’s take a quick look at them and explain these overlays in a little more detail.

What are Photoshop Overlays?

Photoshop overlays are actually very useful and you can do a great number of things with them to make your pictures look a lot better. First of all, one of the main uses of these overlays is to add extra things to a picture without taking away from the original shot.

This can include scenery such as forests, clouds, or sunlight, and it can include simple color effects as well. You can choose form a number of pictures or patterns to overlay the original picture which will create a great finished product.

The colors get modified to your liking while preserving the original shadows and highlights to produce the desired result. Not to worry because the base color is never replaced, it simply mixes in with the color of the overlay to make for a great picture.

In essence, Photoshop overlays are much like the filters and effects that you use on your smart phone to modify pictures, except for the fact that Photoshop overlays are much more in depth, useful, and the selection is bigger too.

Types of Overlays

The types of overlays that are available for Photoshop are virtually endless. Just some of the overlays that you can choose from include different types of scenery such as forests, fields, parks, oceans, and cities. You can also choose from different weather overlays like snow, rain, hail, cloud cover or sunlight. Not to mention that you can also choose from a huge array of color effects such as light flares, light leaks, starbursts, and many other options which will gently distort the color to your liking.

How to Install Overlays on Photoshop

Installing and using the overlays on Photoshop really couldn’t be any easier. All you have to do after purchasing the overlays is to save the overlay files to a desired location in your computer so you remember where they are on your system. Then when you are editing a picture simply click on the actions tab and import the overlay onto the picture by clicking on “load actions/load overlays”. It’s as easy as that!

Where to Buy Overlays

There are very many places where you can purchase Photoshop overlays online however one of the best sources would have to be SleekLens. SleekLens is by far the best option when it comes to purchasing Photoshop overlays because they not only have a great selection to choose from, but they also have the best prices. If you go to SleekLens you will see that there are close to 200 different overlays to choose from and you can even pick black and white if you so desire!

If you are looking to purchase your own Photoshop overlays for either professional or recreational photography then they are a great choice; they even have a whole package that includes virtually any type of overlay imaginable, and all for a very low price.

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