Juicing Is A Great Option For Photographers On The Go


Being a photographer means that I spend very long hours travelling to and from photo shoots and even more time at the photo shoots. Sometimes I spend up to 12 hours every day working on my photography career, but it’s not a bad thing because I really love to do it, it just takes a lot of energy.

I’m not just a photographer either; I’m also German, a people which thankfully are big into juicing and staying healthy by eating lots of fresh produce.

Juicing is really great because with the right juicer you can get the sweet juice of any fruit or vegetable to keep you healthy and energetic. In all reality a juicer is actually an essential device for keeping your energy up on a long shoot. Here I will talk about some of the benefits of juicing before a big shoot, what kind of juicers you should use, and what some of the best fresh juice recipes are. Take a look at juicer reviews of Saftland, which actually means juice land in German, for a great selection of reviews of juicing machines and find out how to keep your energy up on those long shoots.

Why Is Juicing Good Before A Long Shoot?

Juicing is really important for a number of different reasons, especially when embarking on a long journey of photography. First of all there is just no better way to get all of your vitamins and nutrients than from drinking fresh juice. You may think that store bought juice is just as good, but that is not the case. Store bought juice does not contain nearly as many vitamins and nutrients as freshly presses juice does.

The biggest part is of course the B vitamins which are important for metabolizing calories and turning them into energy. Moreover store bought juice is loaded with sugar and that’s no good. Sugar may give you some short term energy but it will also sap your energy in the long run. You will experience a little rush and then a big crash, leaving you more tired than you would have been in the first place. Fresh pressed juice is definitely the way to go in terms of having energy for the day.

What Kind of Juicer to Use

There are a few different juicers that we would recommend for any photographer who wants some fresh pressed juice.
One of the juicers we would recommend is the Kuvings Whole Slow Juicer B6000; this model can juice whole fruits at once so it does take a little longer, but it also has the highest ratio of juice produced to fruits used when compared to other juicers.

Another juicer that we would recommend for beginners is the Philips HR1871/10; this is a great model for people who are just getting into juicing, not to mention that it is machine washer friendly and has a very decent price tag too.

Best Juicer Recipes

Now that you have got your juicer let’s talk about a couple different recipes that you can make to keep your energy up. The links for these recipes are included at the bottom of the page.

The Green Giant – This recipe is very easy to make, is rich in protein, iron, and many other nutrients, and will provide you with all of the energy you need for a long day of shooting. Simply combine some kale, green grapes, a cucumber, and a granny smith apple in your juicer. It ends up being very green, very healthy, full of energy, and it tastes fantastic too.

The Health Booster – This recipe is great for providing you with energy, lots of vitamins, and a really tasty breakfast too. It’s really simple to make; just combine some apples of your choosing, your favorite pears, and some ripe cherries to make a beautiful orange colored juice that will fuel you throughout the day.

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