Photography & Electronic Pest Repellers


I love to work in photography because I get to meet a lot of cool people, see some really neat things, and get shots that I had never though were possible to make. What I don’t like however is have pests like mosquitos, flies, and bees around when I am doing a professional photo shoot. Bugs get in the way of getting that perfect shot and they also make it really hard for the subjects and me to concentrate on the job at hand.

I decided that bug spray wasn’t the right way to go so I opted for an electronic pest repeller and I chose to buy it from They work by emitting ultrasonic sound that keeps sensitive bugs away; it works really well! I can tell you that I haven’t been happier with a pest repeller than with my new electronic one, especially for my photo shoots. Let’s get into some of the benefits of having one of these electronic pest repellants.

They Aren’t Distracting

Many bug repellants are really irritating. Bug spray smells really bad and it burns the eyes, bug zappers are loud and bright, and citronella candles smell almost worse than the bug spray does. Having an electronic repellant that emits ultrasonic sound is great because I as a human can’t hear it, it doesn’t flash, and it doesn’t smell either.

It’s Humane

One of the reasons why I choose these repellants for my photo shoots is because they are humane. Many people including myself and especially my clients don’t like killing living things, which goes for even the smallest of insects too. Instead of killing innocent animals with poison or electric zappers, an electronic bug repellant uses sound to make sure that the bugs never even come in the first place. It keeps both myself and my clients happy.

They Look Better

Another reason as to why I use electronic bug repellers is because they are easy to cover up in a photo shoot or even to just integrate into the background. That isn’t the case with other things like bug traps, bright light bug zappers, or sticky strips. All of those things look really bad in a shot. Just imagine a wedding shoot that has a bunch of sticky fly traps covered in dead flies hanging from the ceiling and walls!

They Are Comparatively Cheap

The good thing about these electronic bug repellers is that they come in a lot cheaper than bug poison or sticky traps in the long run. An electronic repeller last for years and as long as I have an electric outlet I can use it without a problem. Bug spray runs out and sticky traps lose their efficacy pretty quick, so that’s just another reason why I choose a sound emitting repellant over the other choices.

They Have Great Range

Many things like citronella, bug spray, and electronic bug zappers only have a limited range. Bug spray only keeps bug so far away, the same goes for citronella, and the zappers actually attract the bugs before zapping them in a flash of electricity. On the other hand the electronic sound emitting bug repellants have a huge range and work for hundreds of feet in every direction, ensuring that I have a bug free bubble to shoot in.

They Work For Many Bugs

The thing with conventional bug killers and repellants is that each thing only works for a certain type of bug. That isn’t the case with these electronic repellants because the ears of virtually every bug will be hurting when they hear the noise. These things are fantastic for keeping away flies, mosquitoes, bees, wasps, and anything else that may decide to fly into your photo shoot.

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