How To Shoot a Removals Firm


I do a lot of photography for various different people and firms, not because it’s a job but because I love to do it. I recently moved to the Bournemouth area and I am very pleased with the new house that I live in. The moving and removals company that I used was great, and moreover they actually made very good use of photography in terms of their marketing and for their website. They had some really great pictures of their equipment, their employees, and most important of all, their happy customers.

Something that I have noticed however is that the removals firm I used was one of the only ones on the internet that actually made good use of photography in terms of their marketing strategy and most other removals firms did not do so well.

Most other removal services in Bournemouth do not feature inspiring or even convincing pictures on their websites and that is a big problem when it comes to getting new customers. Here we have some really great tips that any removals firm and photographers can use to make the moving company look more attractive to potential customers.

The Moving Trucks

One of the most important things for any removals firm to remember is that in order to get new customers it is essential that they show off their moving equipment, that of course being the vehicles used in the process.

Many moving firms that I looked at simply feature a picture of one van or truck, or maybe nothing at all. That is a big problem because new customers want to be assured that a removals firm is using new and up to date equipment to keep their belongings safe.

A great tip would be to try and take pictures of the whole moving fleet. Capturing as many vehicles as possible to showcase the power and clout of the moving company is always a good idea.

Use a wide angle lens to capture as many of the vans and trucks as possible to showcase the removals capabilities of the firm in question. It is also important that the trucks and vans in the picture look nice; they need to be well maintained, clean, and pristine. People want to move their belongings in a clean and safe vehicle, not in some old and dilapidated van and they certainly aren’t going to hire a removals firm if the vehicles look to be in bad condition.


One thing about moving that is for sure is that it is a very stressful time. Moving houses takes a lot of patience, energy, and coordination, all of which usually lead to a grumpy group of people. The trick to market a removal firm effectively is to use pictures that feature happy customers and happy employees.

Nobody wants to hire a moving firm that promises to make you agitated and grumpy at the end of the day. People want a relaxing, smooth moving process with reliable and upbeat employees and that is something that you can showcase on the website by taking pictures of happy people that appear to be stress free and very pleased with the removal firm in question. Remember, the pictures need to have smiles not frowns!

Use Good Equipment

The last piece of advice when it comes to photographing removal firms is that you always want to use the best equipment on hand. Using something like a small digital camera or even a camera phone just isn’t going to do. You should have a high quality DSLR digital camera with a large variety of settings in order to capture the content properly.

You want clear shots, so not only do you need a good camera but a tripod as well; you don’t want blurry pictures! Also, if necessary you should consider using an artificial light source and an adequate backdrop as well.

Finally, you should invest in a good photo editing software package to ensure that you can edit out any unwanted things in the final picture.

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