Juicing Is A Great Option For Photographers On The Go


Being a photographer means that I spend very long hours travelling to and from photo shoots and even more time at the photo shoots. Sometimes I spend up to 12 hours every day working on my photography career, but it’s not a bad thing because I really love to do it, it just takes a lot of energy.

I’m not just a photographer either; I’m also German, a people which thankfully are big into juicing and staying healthy by eating lots of fresh produce.

Juicing is really great because with the right juicer you can get the sweet juice of any fruit or vegetable to keep you healthy and energetic. In all reality a juicer is actually an essential device for keeping your energy up on a long shoot. Here I will talk about some of the benefits of juicing before a big shoot, what kind of juicers you should use, and what some of the best fresh juice recipes are. Take a look at juicer reviews of Saftland, which actually means juice land in German, for a great selection of reviews of juicing machines and find out how to keep your energy up on those long shoots. Read more