Tips for Outdoor Portrait Photography


I love being a photographer because I get to see so many cool places and get to meet a lot of new interesting people too. Just recently I travelled to France to take some outdoor portraits of some people for their wedding photos. The photo shoot took place in this beautiful garden that was filled with arbors, carports, and pergolas. Sure, taking outdoor portraits in front of these things did pose some challenges but it wasn’t impossible.

I like challenges and I especially like taking pictures of people in front or around pergolas because they are really beautiful and provide for a great backdrop. On a side note if you aren’t quite sure what a pergola, arbor, or carport is then you should take a quick glance the article “The Ultimate Guide on Pergolas” from The Garden Issue, they will explain it all perfectly.

All of that being said there are a few challenges that come along with outdoor portrait photography, but they aren’t anything that can’t be solved using a few simple tricks. Keep reading and find out how to take the perfect portraits of people when you’re outside and surrounded by a beautiful garden full of pergolas and arbors. Read more