How To Shoot a Removals Firm


I do a lot of photography for various different people and firms, not because it’s a job but because I love to do it. I recently moved to the Bournemouth area and I am very pleased with the new house that I live in. The moving and removals company that I used was great, and moreover they actually made very good use of photography in terms of their marketing and for their website. They had some really great pictures of their equipment, their employees, and most important of all, their happy customers.

Something that I have noticed however is that the removals firm I used was one of the only ones on the internet that actually made good use of photography in terms of their marketing strategy and most other removals firms did not do so well.

Most other removal services in Bournemouth do not feature inspiring or even convincing pictures on their websites and that is a big problem when it comes to getting new customers. Here we have some really great tips that any removals firm and photographers can use to make the moving company look more attractive to potential customers. Read more