Tips For Photographing Body Builders


Photography is a great hobby to be in to and it makes for an even better profession. It’s a good way to have fun and an even better way to meet some new and really cool people, people such as bodybuilders, which is what we are here to talk about today. To be specific we’re going to be talking about some tips for photographing those same body builders.

I recently did some photography work for bodybuilding website Skinny Yoked, a great place to get bodybuilding info and tips. This got me thinking about the challenges involved in photographing people and the unique issues with bodybuilding photography. So I’ve put together the following tips on what you can do to make your bodybuilding photo shoot a success.
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Photography & Electronic Pest Repellers


I love to work in photography because I get to meet a lot of cool people, see some really neat things, and get shots that I had never though were possible to make. What I don’t like however is have pests like mosquitos, flies, and bees around when I am doing a professional photo shoot. Bugs get in the way of getting that perfect shot and they also make it really hard for the subjects and me to concentrate on the job at hand.

I decided that bug spray wasn’t the right way to go so I opted for an electronic pest repeller and I chose to buy it from They work by emitting ultrasonic sound that keeps sensitive bugs away; it works really well! I can tell you that I haven’t been happier with a pest repeller than with my new electronic one, especially for my photo shoots. Let’s get into some of the benefits of having one of these electronic pest repellants. Read more

How To Shoot a Removals Firm


I do a lot of photography for various different people and firms, not because it’s a job but because I love to do it. I recently moved to the Bournemouth area and I am very pleased with the new house that I live in. The moving and removals company that I used was great, and moreover they actually made very good use of photography in terms of their marketing and for their website. They had some really great pictures of their equipment, their employees, and most important of all, their happy customers.

Something that I have noticed however is that the removals firm I used was one of the only ones on the internet that actually made good use of photography in terms of their marketing strategy and most other removals firms did not do so well.

Most other removal services in Bournemouth do not feature inspiring or even convincing pictures on their websites and that is a big problem when it comes to getting new customers. Here we have some really great tips that any removals firm and photographers can use to make the moving company look more attractive to potential customers. Read more

Juicing Is A Great Option For Photographers On The Go


Being a photographer means that I spend very long hours travelling to and from photo shoots and even more time at the photo shoots. Sometimes I spend up to 12 hours every day working on my photography career, but it’s not a bad thing because I really love to do it, it just takes a lot of energy.

I’m not just a photographer either; I’m also German, a people which thankfully are big into juicing and staying healthy by eating lots of fresh produce.

Juicing is really great because with the right juicer you can get the sweet juice of any fruit or vegetable to keep you healthy and energetic. In all reality a juicer is actually an essential device for keeping your energy up on a long shoot. Here I will talk about some of the benefits of juicing before a big shoot, what kind of juicers you should use, and what some of the best fresh juice recipes are. Take a look at juicer reviews of Saftland, which actually means juice land in German, for a great selection of reviews of juicing machines and find out how to keep your energy up on those long shoots. Read more

Photographing Oilcloth Tablecloths


Many tablecloths are made of plastic, vinyl, or just fabric, and those are all fine choices, however many people, especially in Canada and the UK love to use oilcloth tablecloths and there is a good reason for it. An oilcloth table cloth is actually a vinyl front layer with a cotton or polyester mesh backing.

Using an oilcloth tablecloth has a number of benefits. First of all, because the top surface is made of vinyl they are very smooth and that means that any stuck on food or grease is very easy to clean off. Oilcloths are very convenient because they are very stain resistant and waterproof too. That means that no mess is going to get on the beautiful table underneath.

This type of table cloth also has a very long lifespan, not to mention that there are many different oilcloth tablecloth designs to choose from including various patterns, landscapes, and even custom pictures too.

We aren’t here to just talk about oilcloth tablecloths though. We are here to talk about photographing them and the challenges that trying to take pictures of them pose. After all photographing a shiny textile isn’t all that easy so here are some tips that you can follow to make your oilcloth photos turn out great. Read more

How To Stay Safe As A Photographer

Being a photographer is great but there are some risks inherent to it, especially so if you are travelling abroad in search of that amazing shot.

Carrying a camera around may not seem all that dangerous but when you take dangerous environments, animals, laws, and people into account, things start to look a little different. In my day job I help people find jobs in Health and Safety for a variety of business types. Whether you’re brick laying on a building site or photographing a wedding at a hotel, it’s important to remember you’re at work and your safety is a priority. Here are 5 tips on how you can stay safe as a travelling photographer. Read more