Tips For Photographing Body Builders


Photography is a great hobby to be in to and it makes for an even better profession. It’s a good way to have fun and an even better way to meet some new and really cool people, people such as bodybuilders, which is what we are here to talk about today. To be specific we’re going to be talking about some tips for photographing those same body builders.

I recently did some photography work for bodybuilding website Skinny Yoked, a great place to get bodybuilding info and tips. This got me thinking about the challenges involved in photographing people and the unique issues with bodybuilding photography. So I’ve put together the following tips on what you can do to make your bodybuilding photo shoot a success.

The Lighting

The first step to making great photos of bodybuilders is to have the proper lighting. In the case of really muscular and toned people you are going to want to use a form of lighting called bathroom lighting. Bathroom lighting is when you have a medium bright light source that is higher up and pointing downwards.

The light should be a few feet directly above the muscular model to get the best results. This lighting is great because it gives some great high lights to the defined features that stick out and will also put some shadows in the recesses of all those muscles.

Another option is to have the light slight in front of the model, but still pointing down of course. This will illuminate the whole body more and will create less lowlights and highlights to show more detail in general.

The Focal Point

For some pictures or portraits that you are taking it might be okay to put some things in the background or foreground to create some kind of coherent picture or even a story in relation to the model. That is however not really true when photographing bodybuilders. This is because they are already more than enough, they are the focal point, and no amount of clutter or miscellaneous objects should take away from that.

You really want people to look at that big muscular body and nothing else.
That being said it might also be a good idea to get some pictures of the bodybuilder lifting a few dumbbells or doing some bench presses with some big weights. A good idea is always to put a dark background behind them and then make the bodybuilder shine with the lights to provide for a really intense picture.

Make Them Sweat And Make Them Stand Out

Another thing you want to do when photographing muscular people is to make them a little sweaty. A few beads of sweat will really make it look like they’ve just finished a workout and it makes it look authentic. Even getting them nice and shiny with body oils and then putting a few drops of water on them will go a long way.

Getting them all glistening and oiled up will make the muscles stand out, will provide for some shine that makes the model glow (especially with a dark background), and slightly increase some highlights on them too, which depending on the picture in question you may or may not desire. Of course seeing as they are bodybuilders you are going to want to make them pose with all or most of their muscles flexed all of the time, after all seeing those big muscles is the whole point of photographing bodybuilders, is it not

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